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Gordon Phinn

Gordon Phinn

My spirit contacts began around the year 1970 after my father’s passing in 1968. They took the form of what we now call lucid dreams. In them I was often sitting with him as he told me things like, “Try to imagine I’ve gone on a long holiday”. A few others followed at lengthy intervals, and combined with my wide reading in the esoteric, occult and metaphysical literature, by the 1980’s I felt quite educated in those matters. Some of the dreams suggested I was being guided and taught, and I had read enough to know the signs. I waited patiently for a revelation. Eventually it came, but not in the form I had expected.  The crop circle phenomenon of the ’90s grabbed me by the neck and I couldn’t stay away from southern England. By the new millenium I knew I had been changed forever. 

In 1998/99 my sporadic lucid dreams had morphed into nightly OBE adventures, ones I recorded in my first book “Eternal Life And How To Enjoy It “, published in 2004.  

Currently, I am a long time videoblogger at My 12 years of text blogs can be found at My facilitation practice continues, & includes regressions (past and LBL), life readings, spirit guidance & distance healing.

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