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About Reality Unmasked

What is Reality Unmasked All About?

Reality Unmasked was created to help advance our understanding of important transcendental experiences that provide spiritual growth. The website was developed to explore the fundamental nature of reality through the sharing of experiences, experiments, and knowledge gained through the exploration of consciousness in all its forms. Some people have incredible life changing experiences and knowledge that they would like to share with the world and some people are searching for knowledge.

Reality Unmasked invites all readers to share experiences, opinions, and knowledge about the metaphysical by submitting a post to be published on Reality Unmasked. 

Can anyone post on Reality Unmasked?

Yes, absolutely! If we are to understand the reality in which we live and why we came here, then it’s important to share transcendental experiences because they provide spiritual growth to others. Have you had a metaphysical experience? We encourage you to write a post about it. You do not need to be a published author or an experienced writer to write for us. Anyone can post a real experience, knowledge and experiments into the metaphysical. You can use your real name or write under a pseudonym. There is no commitment. You can write a single post or become a regular author for Reality Unmasked.

We invite you to journey through Reality Unmasked as we connect to Universal Consciousness to Learn the Nature of Reality and our True Selves. We are excited that you are here!

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