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  1. Vickie Vickie Acklin
    September 19, 2023 @ 2:57 pm

    That documentary was shocking. I had no idea it was that bad. There wasn’t a lot on it in the news when it was going on. My daughter was in Girl Scouts when she was younger and I remember them asking me to be a scout leader. No background check, no nothing and the girls would have been staying at my house overnight sometimes. Isn’t that crazy?

    My other comment is how much I agree with you about pre-birth planning. It is most definitely a guideline. I believe from what I have learned, that we had a plan for our lifetimes before we came here, but we decide as we go along how we get down that path. That’s free-will.

  2. Gordon Phinn Gordon Phinn
    September 20, 2023 @ 9:06 am

    Yes despite all that 24/7 media we can still be shocked. And that paradox, or seeming paradox, between pre-birth planning and free will, coninues to fascinate.

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