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Journey To Knowing

Journey To Knowing, concerns itself with the various issues and challenges which occur when a spiritual seeker consciously enters the path of inner development without the support of an established system of teachings. All guidance offered here arises from my own inner journey of several decades, and let’s face it, lifetimes. 

I have on occasion joked that I am a one man mystery school, and that is not so far from the truth. Much mystical and metaphysical wisdom has traveled to us down through the centuries of dark repression from Egypt and Greece and ultimately Atlantis. There is nothing ‘established’ about the Western Esoteric Tradition, it is maverick, underground and iconoclastic. No teachers are revered, no doctrines considered sacred.  The aspirant is always free to screw up and flame out on ego trips. 

Good luck I say, see you next time around. Regard me as a game playing cheerleader, who always has your back but will not stop you from stabbing yourself. The fool is just as useful as the prophet. As the philosopher David Hume once wrote, suicide is no more significant than diverting the path of a river. The ocean will not refuse you, no matter how long you take to get there.