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Rachel Clare

Hi Gordon!

Thank you for your beautifully written piece, I found it just as amusing as I did insightful and salient to my own experience with bizarre, fantastical dreams.

Personally, I find that we often get bogged down with the literal actions or scenes playing out in our dreams which obscure their true meanings. An article by, accessible here;, outlines that we need to pay far more attention to our overall feelings during times of dreaming. In sum, regardless of the strange and eccentric situations we experience, if we had an overall feeling of sadness, fear, joy (or anything in particular), it is those feelings that represent the deeper goings-on of our subconscious minds. I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on this particular interpretation!

Also, do you have any other tips or techniques to help differentiate between the pointless and random aspects of dreams, and the particular signs that point to something a little more salient?

Thank you!

Hi Rachel, Welcome to the website! I agree it’s hard sometimes to see that dreams have so much meaning. Here’s a strange few dreams that I had where the dreams were prophetic and I’m glad I paid attention for my physical health.

Excellent question for Gordon. I feel like I have received other important news in dreams but didn’t know their importance until after the event in question has passed (hindsight). It is hard to distinguish between real dreams that are prophetic and just the brain getting rid of stress. Luggage in a meat locker? That seems to have some meaning.

Nice to see you here, Rachel!


I would have to agree, seems I am very fortunate in that I seem to have a ‘knowing’ if you will of expanding consciousness and realizing that we are all ego driven, we are what we think we are, the door is ajar always for me, so I do take any opportunity to advance my knowledge as fast as I can absorb it. I am blessed beyond any comprehension by my self…dreams are wanderings by our ego driven world into our subconsciousness, and may at times lead us where we need to be, not only for us but also for others here in the so called 3D world. So I follow my intuition in most cases, along with help from my spirit guide. I think Gordon knows for sure why we are all here, seems as if our religious affiliation plays a big part in this. He knocks the ball right where it needs to be. Its not easy figuring out some dreams while others are seemingly elusive. I’ve proved to myself that my leanings are genuine. I am what I am!