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Cari Palmer

Cari Palmer
Changing the World by Planting One Seed at a Time

Wow… I manifested everything in my past! Learning what I know now and looking back at the radical shifts in my life, every little bit of it was brought on by my desperate desire to improve my situation

Now that I understand everything about the Law of Attraction and how “thoughts become things,” I can give myself credit and be proud that I trusted myself and took the huge leaps of faith that brought me to be the confident and powerful woman I have become.

I have taken my life from Abused and found Zen, all the way from A to Z. Looking back at the horrific childhood I came from; I’m shocked that I found the strength to keep plugging away to get to the place where I am today. But I did. Believe me, it wasn’t without suicide notes and plans of “ending it all,” because life was so unfair and desperate. I had a voice deep down that kept me from giving up hope entirely.

Realizing how hard it was to turn my life around, and by doing it completely alone, I hope to help others so they can get to the other side and find the light.  I went through some of the darkest days alone and honestly didn’t know there was a way to get help or a hand to hold.  I am here to be that hand, shoulder or inspiration for you in your path of life transformation. I have enough strength for all of us, and I will teach you how to find yours as well.

Let’s change your life situation and start you on a path of health, happiness and complete control over any of the decisions facing you moving forward. Visit my website at to learn more.