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  1. Vickie Vickie Acklin
    June 7, 2021 @ 11:54 am

    This is an important post, Cari. It shows that no matter how bad things can get in your lifetime, you can manifest a better life. Thank you for posting it. I’m glad you turned it around.

    • Cari Palmer Cari Palmer
      June 7, 2021 @ 1:40 pm

      And this was long, long ago. I have manifested so many miracles since this day. When we get the sign and follow the guidance, it will always take us where we need to go. Over and over again. It’s beautiful! Thanks Vickie.

  2. Candy Candice Sanderson
    June 8, 2021 @ 9:36 am

    Cari, I love this post. Keep on manifesting!

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