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Thanks Vickie ! What a great thanksgiving gift. Really looking forward to studying this.
Adam UK

Adam, Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Thank you for your comment. When I found this book it was too good, not to share. Have a great holiday!

Connecting the Dots! I have written about several experiences that happened in, The Symbol. In the first part I have always been sure this was an astral projection. In the second part where I was given the symbol, I questioned this; was it a lucid dream or an astral projection? Every detail is emblazoned into my memories, even the bright colors I saw. It was Phasing! I went from the dream state to being there! In actuality, both were full astral projections! This book has given me so many answers about my experiences.

It’s a very good book, Vickie. I have a lot of reading to do! I am doing the noticing exercises tonight. I want to read the one you posted about the astrals too. Thank you and happy thanksgiving.

Hello Stranger! It’s been a while since we’ve seen you around here. I did the noticing exercises last night but I was so tired from cooking thanksgiving meal that I fell asleep. I did notice something very different when doing the “noticing” last night. I could see a dark tunnel. I was facing the opening and I knew I should have just gone in but I either fell asleep or just don’t remember what happened. Too tired I guess. Nice to see you here, Michal.

Some friends and I were discussing phasing and it made me remember something I wanted to share here. Tom Campbell worked right along with Robert Monroe at TMI in learning, OBEs, Hemi-Sync, and then later Phasing. After college Campbell went to work for NASA in Huntsville in NASA’s, “think tank”. He is a brilliant physicist but sometimes needed answers. He could be sitting at the conference table and when asked a question, that he didn’t have an immediate answer to, he would simply phase out and get the answer. He didn’t experience crazy physical symptoms such as vibrations, loud sounds and he was not in a quiet room. Also, Robert Monroe grew tired of experiencing all the physical things when leaving his body and he started phasing as well. Monroe, said he had the very same experiences phasing as when he did with the whole, “leaving the body thing”. That’s when Monroe made the connection that OBEs are all about the different phases of consciousness so the name, Phasing came about.

Last night I was very tired but I did the “noticing” and almost got out, but my mind kept thinking of the dumbest things. At one point I thought I was there. My body was sleeping and my mind awake. To test this I kept my eyes closed and looked around the room with my astral sight. I could see the room for just a second, with eyes closed, and then “boom” I was back in the physical. At least I was almost there. Admittedly, I haven’t meditated in a few days because I got busy with other stuff. For me I think I need that meditation time to let the day go. Today I meditate!


Love this, Vickie! Thanks for posting it. I am very excited about phasing.

You are so welcome, Alisa. I know you will find it helpful. You are a strong meditator so this is just a little step further into consciousness for you. Happy Holidays!

Last night I went to bed early and did the “noticing” for what seemed like a long time. Then I tested my astral sight and felt I was definitely beyond Focus 12. I got up from my bed and started out of my room through my door and I was facing a long white hallway before me. The hallway was definitely NOT in my home. It was bleak looking and the lighting was almost like some kind of florescent lighting, so not a comforting light. The walls were old and dull white in color with scratches on them and looked like they were made of metal. I couldn’t see the end so I started walking down the hallway. I felt myself actually “walking”. I never found the end of the hallway either because I lost that conscious level and don’t have any other memories of what happened. I wonder what was at the end of that hallway?