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  1. Justin PhillipsJustin Phillips
    March 19, 2022 @ 6:04 pm

    I wanted to present this session done last year as an example. It was spoken into a recorder, and then later typed.

    (Prior to this, I activated the phosphenes by applying very light pressure to the eyeballs. )

    My blue blob is dancing like an electrical, pulsating thing in the center of my vision. Much, much bluer than when I say the bluish white static field I see whenever I close my eyes, this is definitely blue. And its doing lots of things in the center of my vision.. Its way hard to describe… some triangular forms.

    At one time I thought it kind of looked like someone sitting in the middle, like an angel form sitting in the middle. And as I’m saying that, I’m getting the black outline form of someone sitting in lotus pose like with their arms stretched out doing mudras. And that just popped up in the center of my vision. Basically the whole form was black and was outlined in the bluish blob color. It’s faintly coming up as I’m describing it now.

    Now it kind of looks like a crow. Now like an eagle. I see like wings spread out like an eagle… I can almost see individual feathers on the right side, and on the left. Looks like the eagle on the Hylian shield.

    (please note that the images above were not super clear, although the individual feathers on the eagle wings were pretty distinct. All of the above images were more like faint “impression” images. The following images were super crisp, clear, and in full color.)

    Ok so I just saw a row of houses, and I was across maybe a yard, and they were up high a little bit with a fence in front. I don’t know what architecture, maybe something from Miami or bahamas. Like a row of townhouses with columns in front of the doors, and maybe it was like 3 or 4 bluish and yellow painted… I dunno.. And as I keep describing it I can see triangular forms… are they called eaves? Over where the columns would be. I can see a bit of the roof too.

    My pet bunny just thumped at me and now I just saw an outline of like a chocolate bunny. Now I see a more realistic bunny ear.

    So the houses, I could make out windows I think, in the front of each one. It was such a quick thing.. It was like out of a dream. It had a wall in front of it. I was maybe standing across the road or something. I can kind of see the wall with little shrubs in front of it… probably a different wall but I’m seeing some kind of wall with cast iron bars above it… its just a very faint impression.

    Ok I feel like I’m in like a honeycomb, or in some kind of nebula or something. Mosaic, ethereal.

    I kind of saw Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes when he does his cute little jazz dancing, but it was a mirrored image from top and bottom. It was very small and faint. But definitely Hobbes.

    OK I saw a girl with pink hair, and I just saw like the top half of her face, from the nose up. Not even the bottom of the nose, just up to her eyes and then up to her pink her, and then her hair came down longer than I could see her face. It was like she was looking at me through a mailbox slot or something.

    I just saw a dog… I was right up in its face. It was a terrier. I could see its triangle ear on the right side of my vision, and its face on the left. Then it turned to lick my face. When it licked me there was like a black dot on the triangle ear. The black dot lingered as the dog faded away.

    Ok I saw a tractor– at first it was a lilac field but then it was a dirt road that a tractor might go down. And very cartoonish man and woman riding on the tractor. Just a quick flash, but yeah. And then a little fence beside the dirt road they would have been going down. And as I’m saying it I’m seeing the little country road with the two little dirt paths and the green grass growing in between where the tires go. And I.. it’s fading but… yeah its basically gone. The couple were caricature heads on the tractor. It went by real fast but it was cute. At first I though I was seeing a lavender field, and then I saw the tractor, and then the lavender field turned into that tractor road with the fence along it.

    I was trying to see mickey mouse, but instead I saw a cat right as I looked up a bit. When I looked up, it lost focus and the cat faded. It was real quick flash.

    (ended session)

    • Vickie Vickie Acklin
      March 20, 2022 @ 1:52 pm

      That’s interesting about aphantasia. I never knew there was a word for someone that can’t visualize. What an excellent way to power up your imagination. Thanks so much for sharing your session. That’s a good example to learn from.

  2. Vickie Vickie Acklin
    April 4, 2023 @ 10:43 am

    Justin, this has been one of our very popular posts on SA. I hadn’t realized how many people have issues being able to visualize. Your post has helped a lot of people!

    • Justin PhillipsJustin Phillips
      April 5, 2023 @ 3:52 pm

      Wow that’s great! So many views! I just looked at episode 8 of “stars of clay” and its doing well too!

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