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I’ll see you there, Vickie!

Had not previosuly heard of this place. Thanks!

Gordon, I hope you visit the island and write about it. I know you’ll make it there. ♥︎


I have never heard of this place but now I want to go there! Thanks for this post, Vickie! I’m curious why the A is upside down in the picture.

Hi Naomi, please come back and post if you do go to Astral Pulse Island. We would all love to read about it.

The A in the title picture is upside down because I saw a poster for Fantasy Island and the A was upside on the poster. I thought it gave the picture a kind of “fringe” look and made it a curiosity, kind of like the show Fantasy Island used to be in 1977. Most all of the TV shows back then were pretty tame and not too interesting but Fantasy Island had unusual plots and even though it was kind of silly, it bordered on being quite metaphysical. They have remade Fantasy Island now but it’s really awful.

Oh, and the plane is in the picture because in the 1977 show a man named, Tattoo spotted the plane each week that brought the guest to the island. He rang a bell and announced it by saying, “De Plane, De Plane in his French accent.

Okay, I just had a go at traveling there. Listening to a meditation cd in the dark I found myself relaxed enough to project. I found the sandy beach and a couple of sunbathers lying there. Sat down beside them and asked if they were visiting themselves. Was told they were like a welcoming committee of two and were ‘permanent astral residents working a shift just like here. When I asked about its popularity they said “Yeah it’s getting quite the rep(utation) these days”. I said that I wasn’t fully there but I would be next time. Bring some friends along I was told. I thought about visiting the pyramid another time and heard that ‘Yeah you can find anything in there, anything at all’. I got the impression that inside it was set up vibrationally so that the astral reality of manifesting thoughts was made even easier than usual.
I was asked how things were going down here. I mentioned the control freaks trying to run our lives with rules and regulations and heard that I should just ignore them, that my journey could completely circumvent their power trips and propaganda.
I mentioned that I did not consciously know of this location and that Vickie had alerted me. The respose was something like ‘Oh yeah Vickie we remember her.’
I bade them farewell and said that my projection power was weak this time, but would be stronger next time. They told me that was fine and not to worry.

(Note: this was all telepathic and I’m sure I’ve fogotten about half of what went on)

Gordon, that is incredible!!! Already we can compare notes. How very cool that you met the welcoming committee and it was two people just like I met. I don’t know if I was fully there either since all the people looked like static. Lots of other people were not fully materialized and in static but that was maybe because I wasn’t fully there either.

This is the first time I have understood what is going on with people appearing in static or some other “not fully formed way” to me. Sometimes these little adventures go quickly and I don’t get to learn every detail but now with your comparison I am super excited to go there again. I can’t believe the power of thought! Many of the people were there in thought only when I visited but they were really there nonetheless. It could be that when we send our thoughts we send one of our astral bodies? So much to explore here! Thank you, Gordon. I can’t wait to compare note again.

Justin Phillips

Oh this is so cool. I built something similar, a club house which is meant to be a meeting place on the astral plane for members of MindVenture club, though I don’t think many people got the idea… I’ll have to try visiting this Island?

Excellent! I hope you do go there. I tried last night but I was too tired and just went to sleep. I’ll try again tonight. I have a feeling the pyramid is going to be quite interesting.