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Vickie Acklin

Welcome to Reality Unmasked. The website was created to help advance our understanding of important transcendental experiences that provide spiritual growth. Our writers delve into the essence of reality, sharing a tapestry woven from personal encounters, experiments, and wisdom gained through the exploration of consciousness in its myriad forms.

While I am the creator and curator of this space, its essence extends beyond me. I extend an open invitation to all who visit, encouraging them to contribute their own narratives, viewpoints, and insights in the realm of metaphysics.

My journey includes training as a level two QHHT hypnotist under the guidance of Dolores Cannon, shortly before her passing. I adopted Dolores’ technique due to its direct route to our Oversoul, the tether to our universe. The profundity of connecting with the universe alongside another consciousness within a room is an awe-inspiring encounter. Although I didn’t pursue the path of a QHHT Practitioner, the knowledge gained from the course enriched my understanding.

Continuing my exploration, I’ve pursued an in-depth study of hypnosis, crafting unique hypnosis audio experiences tailored for venturing into consciousness’s untapped realms. These downloadable audios were developed using visualization, kinaesthetic movement, and neuro-linguistic programming to facilitate transcendent journeys into the non-physical realms.

I expanded my learning at The Monroe Institute in Virginia, USA, where I took the Gateway Voyage and then later returned and took, Out of Body Advanced studies. 

My path introduced me to a remarkable individual—a Buddhist Guru in Texas, who migrated from China and established a Buddhist temple. His intuitive prowess was remarkable. He initiated our interactions by ringing a brass bell, clearing the space, before revealing insightful facets of myself and my past lives using ordinary playing cards. He instilled the importance of internal quest for answers, a teaching I embraced during my study of Buddhist practices. A deeply enlightening encounter with the Dalai Lama further enriched my journey.

From an early age, I possessed an awareness of extraterrestrial existence, which culminated in a profound contact experience as an adult. This contact event impelled me to capture visual evidence of spacecrafts in our skies through an intuitive photographic technique. It’s a simple, but effective, technique and I show exactly how to do it on Reality Unmasked.

I lived in proximity to a Sasquatch family for an enriching five years, cementing a bond that endures despite physical distance. This journey has been an unceasing evolution of knowledge, each day offering new lessons.

If asked what my most pivotal lesson has been in my lifetime, it would be this: our bodies are mere vessels. Our essence transcends physicality and upon physical death, our consciousness persists for eternity. 

With reverence,


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