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Vickie Acklin

Last night I had such a fun lucid dream. I was able to go to sleep very quickly and my alarm went off at 5am. I woke up and repeated the steps for the MILD technique, put my sleep headphones on and had no trouble going right back to sleep. I did use the Sleep Easy audio because it really helps me to relax and go to sleep very quickly.

In my dream I won a bright red 1969 Mustang Coupe in a contest. I was excited to drive it because I knew it was a very special car that could fly. When I got in the driver’s seat and put my hands on the wheel, I suddenly knew without doubt that I was dreaming once I saw my hands. I use my hands as my reality check in lucid dreaming and it works very well. All day in my conscious reality I tell myself that I am awake every single time I see my hands. I’m programming myself to realize that I am awake when I see my hands. When I see my hands in a dream, I know I am awake.

Using my hands in lucid dreaming has worked very well the next morning too. As soon as I wake up in next morning, I write every single thing I experienced (what I saw, heard, smelled, felt, everything!) in my journal. As soon as I see my hand holding my pen and writing in my journal it brings back a flood of memories from my lucid dream.

The MILD technique really works!

Vickie Acklin

I became lucid in a dream when I saw my hands mixing something in a white plastic bowl one night. I could only stay lucid a few minutes and that’s the part of the dream I woke up for. Mixing the contents of a white plastic bowl.

The mixing of that bowl seems to be prophetic for me right now as some big changes have come into my life today. Time to mix things up and make some changes…