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I really loved this video, Candie. It is so perfect for those starting out. I remember when I bought my first pendulum. I had no idea what to do with it but I was so drawn to it. It’s just simple quartz with a few crystals around it but there were so many hanging at the metaphysical store that I didn’t know which one to choose. A woman came over, she was a shopper, and she said to put my hand close to them and see which one I could feel the energy flow coming come. That’s exactly how I chose mine!

Then I got home and excitedly opened the carefully wrapped pendulum. I still had no idea what to do with it. I didn’t know people spun them around in big circles like you see on so many videos so I carefully held mine very still like you do on the video, and nothing happened. Nothing happened when I tried it for a few days, then it started to move. In my mind I connected with the energy of the pendulum and it started to move!

After a few times I began to think it was my reflexes making it move so I tried a little experiment. I tied the chain onto a holder that would hold the pendulum about an inch off the surface. Then I ask my questions, it did not move again. I realized the importance of connecting to the energy inside the pendulum. Everything is energy (even us) and all energy connects. With that in mind, I connected to the pendulum that was hanging on its own. I was not holding it. It began to move! Very slowly at first but it started. That’s how I use my pendulum now.

Absolutely, its kind of like a trusted source for me now. I’ve had, and used, the very same one since metaphysical stores first started to open. They were kind of hippie looking stores back then LOL. It’s like the only one I like.

Love playing with energy!!!

Absolutely agree, Candie. Once we really understand, and completely believe, that all things are energy and all energy connects, it just changes everything going forward!