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Vickie Acklin

This is by far the easiest method in Intuitive Photography.

Vickie… nothing is harder than dealing with the loss of our pets! I have a 11 year old white golden retriever that I cherish every moment of every day. I lost my all time favorite cat way too young at 7 years old. She had stomach cancer. Not long after she passed, I could feel her walking up the bed alongside me and laying down. I always knew it was her as the other cats were not there.

It is horrible that they live such short little lives – BUT – imagine if they had to outlive us every time! Although we hate to lose them, we still understand it when they pass. On the flip side, they could never understand why we didn’t come home. The thought of this kills me.

Vickie Acklin

Either way, it’s like losing a child. Henry was my protector. I miss him.