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  1. Vickie Vickie Acklin
    December 28, 2021 @ 4:05 pm

    This experience had me in tears thinking about losing someone deeply loved and so recently lost.

    • Candy Candice Sanderson
      December 28, 2021 @ 4:40 pm

      Those “firsts” are the most difficult: that first Christmas, that first birthday, that first anniversary. But knowing they are trying to communicate with us to ease our pain—priceless. ?

  2. Avatar photoAdrian
    December 30, 2021 @ 11:31 am

    That’s a nice one, thanks for sharing. Also seeing the white horse on the postcard yesterday, has carried a message for me as well. Especially in spirit of what the article is about.

    • Candy Candice Sanderson
      December 30, 2021 @ 12:10 pm

      That’s great to hear, Adrian. I love how synchronistic messages weave their way into our hearts.

  3. Kegmeister Kegmeister
    December 31, 2021 @ 10:53 am

    Thanks for posting this,, Candie. As you usually do, you’ve triggered all kinds of thoughts and images in my mind. This is what I so enjoy about your spiritual gift AND it’s one of several things that makes you stand out amongst all the other authors in this discipline.

    Hope you don’t mind, but this is going to be a long post. There are several points I think deserve extra attention and some different perspectives.

    1. Though none of us wants to see those we love go through what Cassie and Shalane did, there are times that their experiences generate or trigger systemic events that would otherwise not have occurred. 

    In some instances, you would not be able to know about those events because they would be in the lives of others that you had never met and would likely never know about.  Or would you……

    Think about that last comment….”Would You”. 

    Do you remember our discussion about the download I received while attending a class at TMI in 2011 that focused on the complicated topic of “Ordered Effect Theory”? It’s entirely possible, in my opinion, that the other side needed you to do something important, but they also needed the support of Cassie and Shalane to make it very, very real in several ways.

    When you had the dream about George and then decided to contact his wife, Becky, you were doing exactly what they needed you to do.  YOU were their instrument of “Love” and they needed you just as much as George needed you in that moment.

    What you don’t know is how the experience that Becky had with your sharing of George’s message affected her or how she reacted to that moment with others around her….or, for that matter, what she did as a result. 

    You had a response from her that gave you a hint, but the full detail was not available to you. 

    These are all part of a Second and Third Order Effect. The Second Order Effect is Becky’s response to you. The Third Order Effect is something that you wouldn’t know unless someone shared it with you. But, given her response, I’d be willing to bet that she shared that message with others and that likely caused a positive reaction amongst her audience.

    2. Do you remember a movie that was popular years ago called, “The Sixth Sense”? Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osmet were the leading actors. Bruce, as I recall, was a psychologist and Joel was a little boy growing up in a single parent household.

    The audience likely didn’t realize at the time they were watching the movie that Bruce’s character had been murdered by his patient. But, Bruce, as a loving spirit, then became tied to Haley who was suffering a variety of psychological challenges including being visited by spirits who, at times, seemed dark or intensely troubled.

    Bruce stuck with him and helped him understand and grow through all of those difficult spiritual lessons. At one point, they both went to a home of a mother who had lost a child. That child had visited Haley and asked for his help and he gave it.

    The First Order Effect of his decision was Haley’s realization that he could do this and there was a very good reason for him to follow through…..delivering a kind of love….a truth….to the child’s mother.

    The Second Order Effect was to see how everyone reacted to that truth AND how Haley grew spiritually from his experience. 

    But then what happened after that? Bruce realized, suddenly, that he was a spirit guiding Haley and his love for him was the bond that kept them together. But then another door opened in his spiritual growth and that’s when he realized he was in spirit form and his new role was more than just guiding Haley….he had grown himself and he needed ALL of this to make sure that growth happened.

    Okay, so think about that for moment. Here’s how this relates to you.

    A. You were Becky’s Haley delivering a message of love from George.
    B. You were also Bruce in the sense that your Spirit Guides knew they could trust you to do this despite the fact you had to accept the risks associated with Cassie and Shalane’s illness. This was the tool that needed to be in place for that door to open for George to deliver the message, give it strength, and energy when it was delivered to Becky.
    C.  This is preparing you for more important activity that is now about to happen in your life because you have proven that you will set aside your EGO, lose your sense of bringing attention to yourself, and focusing your open heart on others that you intend to at least try and help.

    There’s one more important element to this that I think is worth mentioning. As long as I’ve known you (and that’s like several years now), I have never known you to draw attention to yourself in a way that makes you the center of attention. You go out of your way to ensure that people do not, in fact, compare themselves to you in a way that makes them feel like they’re inferior and you’re superior spiritually or in any other way.

    You have always played Bruce’s role in real life as a loving, caring, open person who is here to act as a tool for others so that if they choose to, they can learn and become more than what they are. It’s all up to them. 

    That last part, I believe, is something your Spirit Guides knew before they contacted you in 2013 and began this evolving process with you and you continue to do that to this date.

    Okay, I’m done now……

    • Candy Candice Sanderson
      December 31, 2021 @ 11:22 am

      Keith, thank you for your thorough reply. It’s interesting, I had just been thinking about Sixth Sense the other day, and here’s your post, using the movie to bring home some of the points you are making about Second and Third Ordered Effects. 

      In the movie, Bruce Willis, like me, was a psychologist. That’s another comparison that makes me smile. You’re perceptive to recognize the growth Willis had as a spiritual
      being. He had evolved while in spirit form.

      It’s interesting that you picked up on that. An hour before you posted this comment,
      I uploaded another YTube video from my Throwback Series. I reviewed a message
      from October 24, 2013, just 7 weeks after I began spontaneously channeling.

      The first paragraph of the message reads: “When observing those who have crossed over, the essence of that person’s energy body is different, it has changed. That is all that has changed. At some point in time, everyone from the Earth plane will evolve—yes, we say “evolve” to an energy body that is of a finer nature. Remaining in the Earth plane keeps the human body at a denser level.”

      The first message endorses your comment by stating those who have crossed over are the same; only their energy body has changed—that was obvious about Willis’ character. He thought he was still in human form and acted as if he were still in 3-D. 

      The second part of the message talks about how we “evolve” when we transition—something you just pointed out about Willis’ character. His spiritual growth began after his transition. When we’re in higher vibrational states, the picture clears. We see Truth in places that may have been too murky to perceive before. 

      Now, I’m the one getting too wordy. I’ll stop for now, but I wanted you to know the interesting hits that I had received about your post before you posted. ?

      • Kegmeister Kegmeister
        December 31, 2021 @ 11:31 am

        “Wordiness”…..I’m guilty, but it’s how I learn and I enjoy sharing these things as they occur to me because it’s yet another way for me to learn.

        I still feel like I’m in Kindergarten with all of this stuff. But, when “students” choose to set aside their ego, their tendency to judge others, and focus on the subject “What am I beginning to see” then the quality of the discussion is allowed to grow….expand.

        This was one of the first things I learned while attending a TMI course taught by Francine King. And boy, has that lesson been driven home many, many times.

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