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Sadly, sometimes we have to get to the darkest part of the night before people will be able to see what we are doing to ourselves. It’s probably why we only live 100 years each life so we get to go through this over and over again until we finally figure it out. Great post Vickie.

Vickie Acklin

We are so blind to history and then we are doomed to repeat it over and over. Thanks, Cari

Sure, history repeats itself with minor variations, often technological ones. Just as we, as reincarnating individuals, repeat situations and challenges in order to maybe handle them better, so do societies. Behaviour patterns, I find, repeat themselves on all levels of sentient life. Propelled by that variety of impulses, from instinct to intuition. The “wild, crazy” factor depends on how much attention one pays and how deep one is willing to go. Career and family often hold inquisitive folk back until retirement and then they get the shock of their lives when greed, deception and corruption become the norm rather than the ‘scandal’.

Vickie Acklin

Even though things can be hard, history repeats itself, and life can seem unjust at times, it is us that keeps choosing earth life again and again no matter how deceptive and corrupt it is. We can’t get this kind of free will on most other planets and we already knew what we were getting ourselves into before we came. There is a lot to love about earth and this lifetime too.