The Sun

Give forth thy light to all without doubt; the clouds and shadows are no matter for thee. Make speech and silence, energy and stillness, twin forms of thy play.

The Sun radiates a powerful solar energy on the card. Zodiac signs ring the sun and dancing twin children, who are male and female, twins of freedom and innocence. The Sun has been worshiped for aeons for the life-sustaining nourishment it provides. All life begins, grows, and dies under the great Sun. The Sun is a symbol for the cycle of life and life itself. It is also a symbol of beauty and divine design.

This card represents satisfaction, happiness, and success. When the Sun tarot appears in your reading be assured that whatever it is that you question, or are bringing into your life, has now been fully illuminated and is manifest. The Sun is illuminating the powerful energy within you and there’s no stopping you now.
You Go!