The Magus

The Magus is numbered one. The Magus is usually depicted as a powerful adept, a master of the four elements. He is able to shift events in his favor to make the world change around him according to his will.

He is highly skilled, highly powerful and hence a highly dynamic and charismatic figure. He is that part of us which we harness to control our own lives. When we are the Magus we make what we want happen.

However, be careful what you ask for, you might just get it! The Magus knows where to throw the pebble into the pool of the Universe in order to get exactly the ripples he wants. If we choose happiness and joy, that is what we can manifest.

When the Magus appears in a spread, it points to the talents, capabilities and resources at the querent’s disposal. The advice is to tap into one’s full potential rather than holding back, especially when there is a need to transform something. There are choices and directions to take. Guidance can arrive through one’s own intuition or in the form of someone who brings about change or transformation.