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How to Manifest

Manifesting 101

Are you ready to change your life? You can manifest all the things you want to bring into your life and let go of what’s keeping you limited.

Can anybody do this? Yes, absolutely! What does this cost? Zero is the cost of changing your life. Can I change my life overnight? Absolutely not. It takes a while to manifest real change. The time it takes is determined by you and how soon you get started.

This little guide are all the steps needed to make real changes in your life.

Step one begins with a belief that manifesting works. If you try to manifest something without believing it will happen, then it will not happen. There is a lot of material on the Internet about manifesting. Read all the stories where people have been successful in manifesting change in their lives. You must fully understand that manifesting works.

When we leave our physical bodies, manifesting is instantaneous. Inside these dense bodies though, it’s a slower process since our physical brain and ego are involved. Some things are naturally easier and faster to manifest than others.

How to Manifest

Your ego brain will try to convince you that manifesting doesn’t work for you. Maybe other’s can do it but it never works for you. If this is true for you then it’s your belief system about manifesting that’s preventing success.

If you’ve never tried manifesting then you can start fresh today. The first step is to know, without doubt, that manifesting works.

Start small or start big, it’s up to you.

Get some clean white paper for step two. Sit quietly and think about the things you want to bring into your life. Write each manifestation on your paper in a numbered fashion and leave empty space between each numbered manifestation. When you are finished put the papers in a safe spot that you can look at later. Someplace that you or anyone else won’t see.

Now the only other step is step three. You have set in motion what you would like to bring into your life. You’ve committed it to paper. Step three is to think about the outcome of what you wrote on your papers. You need only think of the outcome. Trust in the wisdom of the Universe as to how it all plays out. That’s not your concern. You don’t need to sweat the steps to achieve what you want to manifest. The Universe will work out the details if you show it the outcome.

Use your vivid imagination to see yourself with whatever you are trying to manifest. For instance; if I wanted to buy a new house I would see myself and my belongings in the house. I would let my consciousness explore that house everyday. I would design the yard in my mind and decorate every room. I would do this every single day, as many times per day as possible. The best time is right before you go to sleep at night when you are relaxed.

That’s all you need to know to manifest whatever you want in your life. You will be surprised when you take out your manifestation notes and begin to see that the things on your list are starting to either be fulfilled, or are getting close. The empty spaces between your numbered list is to write the date when your manifestation happens and any notes you want to add.

How long it takes is determined on you and you alone. No excuses and no blaming your life’s circumstances on anyone. You have to take responsibility for your life to make changes to it. Blaming life’s circumstance on somebody else cripples only you.

Always remember that the Universe is abundant. Abundance comes in many forms so be clear on what you want. Trust in the wisdom of the Universe and manifest how you want to live your life along your path.

By Vickie