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Lets take some pictures!

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Practical Obliteration Technique Part Two

The supplies needed for this lesson are; a camera, a tripod, a nice bright sunny day and a roofline.

Never aim your camera at the sun. This will damage your lens. This technique involves using the roofline of any building, or even a window, to block the sun’s rays. 

Solar Obliteration

Here is the perfect setup for solar obliteration pictures. You should have all your equipment setup with your camera on the tripod. This is what your camera should be looking at. You have to move quickly to begin taking your pictures because the earth moves around the sun so you will have to continually adjust your aim so that your camera lens never directly takes a picture with direct sun rays. If you’re taking still shots, set your camera to automatically take around three pictures at a time. You can find all kinds of places to block the sun. Trees make good sun blocks. Get creative.


This is your sweet spot. There are many UFOs hidden in plain sight by the sun. By deflecting the sun’s rays, your camera will be able to take pictures of what’s up there. 

Here’s another setup with the roof blocking the sun.

It’s very important to set your focus to infinity. If you do not, then you will take pictures of bugs flying across your camera lens. Bugs can be very pretty but that’s not what we are after here. People miss this critical step and you can see Youtube videos all over the Internet of nothing but bugs.

This picture was taken without manually setting my focus to infinity. All of the white dots are bugs. There are so many videos and pictures like this on the Internet where people believe they have captured hundreds of UFOs. 

Bugs can be fun to film but UFOs are way more interesting!

This saucer picture was one frame from a video shot using the solar obliteration technique. My camera is not a video camera. It’s best for still shots but it has a video feature and this was from a video. When I reviewed the video in a video software program I could see a bright streak. I slowed the video to the one frame that had the streak, and this was the streak I was seeing before slowing the video. This was shot right from my back porch. You can see the shadows of the pine trees in the image. This saucer was not far off apparently, because it’s so large in the picture. I couldn’t see it with my eyes outside, or in the video, until I reviewed what looked like a streak.

These triangle UFOs were caught using the solar obliteration technique

You can see the sun at the top of this picture. It was blocked by my porch roof. This picture looked like a streak of light until closer examination showed this odd shaped craft flying just over my fence line. 


Now, it’s your turn. Use this technique and capture some phenomenal pictures and videos. Use the software you downloaded in lesson one to examine every inch, of every picture and video you take. When you capture something interesting share it with us!

In lesson one, intuition and telepathy were heavily discussed. Lesson one builds to lesson two. Even though this method is excellent, you will have far more successes when you use telepathy. Using telepathy will make your intuition much stronger. Connect to what’s out there. It doesn’t matter if you don’t see a thing, they see and feel you. Ask for permission to take pictures and you will have more interesting pictures and videos.