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Intuitive Photography

Allowing the camera to photograph what the eye can’t see

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How to Photograph Orbs, Ghosts and Energy Bodies

Below are a few examples of my Intuitive Photography. For more intuitive photography see my UFO pictures

Intuitive Photography

The picture above was taken shortly after my father’s physical death. My sisters, my mother, and I had decided to take a trip to Las Vegas together. Dad had loved Las Vegas in life so we thought it was an appropriate place to get together and celebrate dad. 

The suite we were staying in had a strange kind of feeling to it. It felt like we were always being watched. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling and truthfully it made us all feel a little guarded.

Sometimes you just know when to get out your camera and I had that feeling one night on our stay. I didn’t have my better camera so I used my iPhone. I had the knowing to take the picture with the lights off in the suite and just let in the lights of Vegas through the large windows. 

I took the picture and when I examined it, there was my father. I knew right away it was him because my father was an officer in the Army his whole life. In this image he appeared to me in his military fatigues. I had seen him dressed this way most of my life so it was all so warm and familiar. 

Typical of my father, the picture shows a drink in his hand and he’s leaning against the bar that was in the suite. I’ve no doubt he was drinking a cold beer. I miss you daddy!


Saucer UFO

This saucer was taken from a video. I was trying a new technique that day and was surprised that the saucer looked like it had flown very close to me. When I reviewed the video my eyes could only see a streak in one frame. I slowed the video and stopped on that streak and my camera had captured what my eyes couldn’t see – a saucer!



This was my very first attempt at intuitive photography. I aimed my camera straight up above me and couldn’t see a thing. The sun was bright and my eyes could only see the sky. I took two pictures and captured the craft above in the first picture.


This is the second picture I took. It’s the very same craft but something came out of the top of the craft in this picture and the colors changed. 





Untouched picture above


Contrasted picture above


This picture was taken in my backyard in Houston, Texas. This cylinder shaped craft was completely invisible. It went through my yard no more than thirty feet from me. It appeared as a shiny streak in my picture until I added contrast.

I have to wonder how it would have felt had the craft passed right through me. I had a very small backyard and this craft was very close!

Houston is home to NASA and I photographed a lot of very interesting pictures there. Maybe NASA drew them there or perhaps they were mostly our own earthly craft? 


Colorado UFO

I was taking pictures of the mountains in southern Colorado early one morning and BOOM! UFO’s flew out of the mountain and straight up into the sky. They shot straight up so there are smaller ones above the one on the bottom. Southern Colorado is home of the Paranormal Highway and the famous UFO Platform. I can tell you from living here that this place does live up to it’s reputation. I’ve seen bright orb like craft and many UFO’s in the night sky here.


Miners Cabin

This old preserved miner’s cabin was in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. As we drove by it I got that feeling; the one where you feel like someone or something is watching you. I didn’t feel like getting too close to this one so I took a picture from the front at a distance. After reviewing the pictures I could clearly see a man at the door of the cabin. An old miner that is still on the job? I don’t know but this cabin gave off a sad, depressed vibration. In the window there appears to be something but I can’t figure out what it is. Many people clearly see something in the window and all see the man at the door.