The Chariot

You have passed the tests of initiation. The charioteer is The Grail, depicted as pure amethyst and in the shape of a full moon which is the most important omen of this card. You have proven yourself worthy of the victory that is coming to you. The Chariot is the spirit that helps you create change. You have attained a certain mastery of knowledge and now you must determine how you will use that knowledge. The Chariot is an omen that you’re gaining momentum. You possess mastery of knowledge and skills that now drive you farther along your path. When The Chariot card appears, you have arrived at a critical milestone and are in active movement toward victory. Success will come to the one who refuses to stop fighting. Keep going. When The Chariot reflects who you are, you are one who has intuited the truth and have found the right path, but you have yet to figure out how to produce material works and fruition from that intuition.