The final stage of your great work is coming. You are growing closer to your own divine higher genius. Circumstances in your life path have converged and a work of personal inspiration becomes your productivity. You realize your innate talents and bring into material being that which is extraordinary. This is the primordial spirit of exceptionalism.

“Genius hits a target no one else can see.” (Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788-1860)

You are now able to blend opposites and create a perfect oneness. You have the ability to create a new way to life which is more balanced. You can balance your life and your inner self and feel harmonious. Differences can now be resolved with ease. When you reach this point of balance with your polarities, you access a potent cauldron of bubbling creative energy. But before you can manifest whatever is brewing here, you need to spend time allowing these ingredients to mix and mingle together. The focus is very much on inner work and really understanding who you are. It’s important that you don’t allow external forces and demands to distract you now.

You are in touch with your creative side at this time so you may want to express yourself through artistic media such as drawing, painting, music or dance. Stay grounded and be kind to yourself and all will mix into a perfect potion.