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Straightforward Rundown Suggestions

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An excellent experience that highlights a number of important issues.

Firstly, you say that you didn’t think it could be so easy. Perhaps easy is not quite the word I should be using in my narrative, maybe “straightforward” would be more apt for the point I wish to make. Obviously it is going to be easier for some people more than others. But that doesn’t change the straightforwardness of the whole thing.

For a while now I have steadfastly maintained that this whole issue has been unnecessarily complicated by layer upon layer of mystical crud that has infected this topic to the extent where there is no longer any cure. To me it’s like a rampaging cancer where the only option left is to simply cut the whole thing out in order to try and get rid of it. When you do that, and you learn the basic structure of the wider reality, about how each person truly relates to that wider reality… everything becomes MUCH more straightforward!

The other important point your post exemplifies is the fact that the best mental rundown to make the switch from Focus 1 to Focus 2 of consciousness is simply the rundown that is the best for you. One of the most popular questions I get is, “Frank, what’s the best rundown to use?” Problem is, all the empirical evidence I have to date would strongly indicate that there is no universal “best”.

There are, however, certain factors that stand out as being more beneficial than others. I can say that what you need is something fairly simple and repetitive but interesting at the same time. If it’s too repetitive then you’ll get bored and either give up, or fall asleep. But make it too complicated and you’ll lose the thread of it all. You need to engage your senses to as high a degree as possible, but make it personal and direct. Someone said the other week about engaging their hearing by imagining a bird singing in the distance. Well, that’s a start but it’s not really all that engaging. Why not play a drum? That way you get a sense of feeling, sound and sight… and it’s direct. All you need now is to chew some gum while you are doing it to get even your sense of taste involved and hey presto, you’ll be making the switch before you know it.

Bouncing on a trampoline is ideal. Perhaps not everyone’s thing but it’s very engaging all the same. In other words it’s a fun thing to do, it’s a full on, in your face kind of activity and it directly engages the senses.

The other point I wished to stress I’ve just touched on in the paragraph above, which is the FUN aspect. I don’t know what it is about all these mystical and other religious notions. To me it’s almost like anyone wanting to take a more traditional course has to first have a total humor bypass in order to qualify.

Your rundown should be directly engaging and it also should be FUN. Not frivolous, and I want to stress this: we are not engaging in some frivolous act. But it should be fun, all the same. But again I am doubly stressing because I don’t want anyone getting the idea that we don’t take any of this seriously. I, for one, take this topic very seriously. It has been a part of my life for over 20 years, so I take it seriously alright, but I also have fun while I’m doing it.

The other point you exemplify is the way people are typically jolted out of the state the moment they step into it. Often it is the case that you get jolted out of it so fast that you only really realize that you had made the transition to Focus 2 after you get jolted back to Focus 1. You are left lying there thinking back to a moment ago, realizing you had stepped into your rundown and got zapped out of it. Normally the excitement of realizing you made the switch prevents you from making any further attempts that session.

After a while of practice (actual time varies from person to person) you become comfortable with the process to the extent where you no longer get zapped out of it. Once you are comfortable in making the switch to Focus 2, then the next step is to learn how to transition to Focus 3 as that’s where all the “fun stuff” is. The transition to Focus 3 is not all that difficult. But like the transition to Focus 2, it just takes a little practice.

Overall, it is not the actual doing that is difficult and your post is a perfect example of that even considering you are not exactly a complete beginner. I think the most difficult aspect of this whole thing has been coming to the realization of what the wider reality actually entails, rather than trying to sift through all the varying beliefs about what the wider reality entails. Once you realize the structure and that there is a Focus 2, a Focus 3 and a Focus 4, and what you have to do in order to Phase to these areas (though everyone please let’s put aside F4 for a while as it’s mighty complex, we’ll stick to F2 and F3 for now) then the actual doing isn’t all that difficult.

Again, strip away all the mystical beliefs that have clouded the simplicity of it all and people will be Phasing for fun in no time. Well, that’s what I sincerely hope.