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Is it worth it?

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Naturally, I cannot say whether Wave1 would definitely work for one particular person. What I do know is that, for a beginner, the myriad of different “techniques” out there must be *so* darned confusing. For most of these people it must surely be a case of wondering, “Where the heck do I begin?”

As far as Astral Dynamics is concerned, while I agree that it is a darned good book that contains a *lot* of useful information, it’s obvious that Robert is into doing all kinds of “energy work”. As such, to a complete beginner, simply wanting to learn how to do controlled conscious-exit projections, I’d say that Astral Dynamics goes a bit overboard technique-wise.

Again, that is why I like Wave1 so much; as it give a total novice a very simple and structured plan to work to, and it is recorded in a very effective format: it’s one thing reading about something in a book, but it comes across on a CD so much more effectively.

But is it worth one hundred USD?

In this capitalist system of ours, pricing is largely determined by what the target market can stand. Personally, I believe AD would still be worth the money at 5x the price I paid. But book publishing is a *highly* competitive sector to the extent where the market simply wouldn’t stand it. But the Monroe Institute seem to have created a nice earner for themselves in the form of the Gateway Series CD’s. After all, they are that price because they can sell at that price. Which is amazing considering: $99 for a 5 cent CD. That’s a brilliant mark-up.