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Engage Your Senses during your Rundown

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Yes, I always recommend that when you create the mental rundown, you will make “the switch” from 3rd person to 1st person much quicker and/or more reliably, if you simultaneously engage a number of physical senses in the rundown. Smell, I have found is a powerful one with me. I love to imagine smelling freshly baked bread. I imagine an old country kitchen with an aga-style stove and there’s a freshly baked loaf on the top cooling off. Even just typing this I can smell it within me and I want to go to it, lol.

So you will also make better progress if you imagine something you enjoy doing. Well, apart from the obvious, of course… ha ha ha… sex, I have found, has a very powerful pull but it has the detrimental effect of also engaging the physical. The two can easily end up in conflict, i.e. the physical is pulling you one way, and your non-physical rundown is pulling you the other, so to speak, and you end up locked in the middle of them.

Music is another powerful one I find, particularly flute. I imagine I can hear a distant flute and it’s getting closer and closer. Before I know it, I’ve turned a corner in my mind and I come across the someone who is playing. This kind of technique is great for transitioning directly to Focus 3, where you engage a rundown with a “party unknown”. It’s kinda freaky coming across them. The first time I tried the flute idea, I suddenly found myself in the company of a person playing. As I approached, they stopped playing to introduce themselves and we started chatting. Then I suddenly realized, hang on a minute, I’m not imagining this! At which point I realized I had transitioned to Focus 3, not Focus 2 as I had originally planned.

It’s a very powerful technique, engaging a party-unknown, and you can quite easily phase-shift directly to F3 from using it. But I don’t recommend it for beginners. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to create an Aspect of yourself within F2oC and you engage yourself in a kind of facsimile experience. In other words, you engage in a scenario you create within F2 rather than engaging in an interaction with someone “separate” to yourself within F3. Once you have a little experience of F3 then it’s easy to tell the difference, but quite tricky if you haven’t.

Many traditionalists who try to engage in the objective action of viewing one’s “higher self” for example, create all manner of Aspects of themselves within F2oC as a result. They think they’ve gone off on some deep-meaning “journey” and found “god” and all that kind of thing, and they are just engaging in wish-fulfillment actions within F2oC. So, generally, you need to be careful you aren’t fooled when meeting “people”. We all have many, many other Aspects of ourselves within F2oC. We each hold an enormous number of belief constructs, we create all manner of “shrines” to our likes and dislikes, etc., etc. So it’s very easy to be sucked in and, before you know it, you’ll be chewing crystals for breakfast and going to work in a manure-powered car… ha ha ha… I’m just kidding on the latter. But many people you can tell from some of the stuff they write, that what they are doing is engaging aspects of their own self within F2oC without realizing it.

Not that there is anything wrong in engaging aspects of your own self, it’s great fun, and there’s nothing wrong with a nice bit of wish fulfillment. The key is whether you actually realize and know whether that’s what you are doing or not. You can engage in some mock battle between all manner of demons and devils, for example, if that is your thing. Severe problems can arise, however, when people come to believe (as millions have done in the past) that those demons and devils have a kind of reality of their own.

So at first it is probably best to keep your rundown very simple and perhaps not try to reach too far too quickly, so to speak. Focus 2 of consciousness can be used as a handy launch pad to the other areas quite easily, so there is no disadvantage in phase-shifting from F1 to F2 first, then aiming for F3.